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28 Mar Top 8 estate planning mistakes

Top 8 Estate Planning Mistakes   Perhaps you have heard the expression: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” This statement was never truer than for estate planning. By some accounts, 70% of adult Americans have no will or trust in place for their loves ones. Furthermore, others who initially did prepare an estate plan have failed to update it in light of changing circumstances in their lives. You can benefit from avoiding the 8 most common estate planning mistakes that I have seen people make. 1. FAILURE TO PRESERVE YOUR INHERITANCE FOR YOUR GRANDCHILDREN SHOULD YOUR SON/DAUGHTER DIE AND THEIR SURVIVING SPOUSE...

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22 Mar Is it time to #DeleteFacebook?

IS IT TIME TO #DELETEFACEBOOK?   Birthday reminders, family pictures, memes for that mid-afternoon comic relief, or maybe recommendations for local businesses. However you use Facebook, it’s undeniable that this social network has seeped its way into our lives, into multiple generations, and influences how we see the world. So when the news comes out that over 50 million users’ private information has been accessed and used to influence the elections, many of us are left thinking … so what now? Who’s viewing my information and how is it being used and protected? And the million-dollar question: Should I get off Facebook? First, let’s...

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28 Feb Want to buy a house? Here’s how to save for a down payment

Want to buy a house? Here’s how to save for a down payment Thinking about buying a house within the next 3 years? Or a bit farther down the road? Timing is everything and it turns out that simple question makes a difference. According to Zillow, the median home value in Diamond Bar is $697,000. So how much of that should you put down? Down payments vary depending on the loan type, but in general they are: 0% for VA loans 3.5% for FHA loans 20% for conventional loans Or use this handy down payment calculator to help you 20% is the recommended down payment on a...

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