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19 Sep Student loan forgiveness program guide

For many, student loans represent a significant investment in an individual’s future. Borrowing to complete an undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree program is often the only means to pay for the cost of higher education, as the price tag continues to increase at public and private institutions alike. Currently, more than 44 million Americans have outstanding student loan debt, totaling over $1.4 trillion among them, and these figures make it hard to fathom how student loan balances will ever be paid off. Fortunately, some student loan borrowers have access to valuable forgiveness programs that offset the burden of paying for student debt...

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10 Jul Facts about Peace Corps student loan forgiveness

Facts about Peace Corps student loan forgiveness   The Peace Corps has long held a reputation for allowing young people to see the world while giving back to local communities. Through this government-run program, volunteers are placed in far-flung locations for an initial period of two years. These volunteers work in a variety of fields, from education, to business, to technology, to agriculture, and the environment. Most people join the Peace Corps after college graduation, leading to an important question: how can volunteers pay back their student loans while working abroad for a small stipend? While there are options for deferring student loans...

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Jar with note that says we've got kids to teach & lots & lots of student debt

10 May Student loan forgiveness for teachers

Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers   If I were to ask you what your favorite class in high school or college was, you’ll likely recall the teacher more than the class. Teachers have an undeniable influence on education, but higher education isn’t always so kind to our future teachers. With student loans averaging in the tens of thousands of dollars, and average teacher salaries in California starting at around $40,000, it isn’t hard to see that student loans are a major obstacle to overcome. Thankfully, there are student loan forgiveness programs for educators. Keep in mind that these are for federal student loans, not...

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